Student Activities

‚ÄčTours to industrial factories in Lebanon are organized regularly in order for students to understand the role of the chemical engineer in the industry.  Students learn about the industry players, industry challenges and meet potential employers while having hands on experience with machinery/control, industrial safety and environmental issues. The goal of these trips is to identify the educational industrial plants in various fields.

2016 visits:

OTERI: On March 31st 2016, fourteen students from the second-year chemical engineering class made a trip to Oteri Comp, accompanied by Professor Ali Tehrani and Instructor Adnan Itani.

INDEVCO Group: On March 31st 2016, fourteen students from the fourth-year chemical engineering class made a trip to INDEVCO Group, accompanied by Professor Walid Saad.

2015 visits:

Cosmaline: About 22 students accompanied by Instructor Adnan Itani

OTERI: The visit was part of the Surfactants course given by Dr. Tehrani.

SMLC (Pepsico)

2014 visits:

Poppins: Participants were Juniors and seniors for a total of about 30 students. Main topics covered: general tour, safety, quality assurance, production planning, trouble shooting, cost optimization.

Ciment De Sibline: About 35 students participated in this tour. Main topics of interest: Overview of cement manufacture, new line upgrades, safety programs, environmental issues, economical challenges, maintenance shop visit.

Cimenterie Nationale: 25 students participated, mainly Junior level. Main topics covered: Safety and Environment program, economical challenges, control rooms, Shut down maintenance planning. There was an active open discussion between students and plant leadership team.