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Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Chairperson:Abboud, Miguel
Professors:Abboud, Miguel; Badr, Lina (Adjunct); Bitar, Fadi; Boustany, Rose-Mary; Chelala, Claude (Adjunct); Dbaibo, Ghassan; El Solh, Hassan; Mikati, Mohamad(Adjunct); Mroueh, Salman; Muwakkit, Samar; Nabulsi-Khalil, Mona; Yunis, Khalid
Professor Emeritus:Najjar, Samir
Associate Professors: Arabi, Mariam (Clinical); Bulbul, Ziad; Charafeddine, Lama; Hanna-Wakim, Rima; Karam, Pascale; Majdalani, Marianne; Musallam, Salim (Clinical); Sharara-Chami, Rana; Sinno, Durriyah; Tfayli, Hala; Yazbeck, Nadine
Assistant Professors:Aoun, Bilal; Maalouf Faouzi; Munla, Nabil (Clinical); Obeid, Makram
Bechara, Elie; Borghol, Rafah; El Taoum, Katia; Hneine; Mona; Ismail, Ali; Moukheiber; Jihane; Noun, Dolly
Clinical Associates:Abdelnabi, Reem; Al Ali, Razan; Akel, Samir; Al Araj, Alia; Nasrallah, Mona; Romani, Diala; Sanjad, Sami; Shamseddine, Fadi; Soubra, Maher; Yazbek, Soha​

The Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine offers clerkships to medical students. The clerkships concentrate on those aspects of children and adolescent healthcare that are important to any physician, including the management of healthy and sick children; peculiarities of disease in infancy, childhood and adolescence; and nutrition growth and development. These clerkships also concentrate on the importance of combining preventive with curative medicine. Graduate training is offered to physicians leading to specialization (residency) in pediatrics over a three-year period.

Weekly Conferences

Ward rounds (daily), radiology conferences, journal clubs, pediatric grand rounds, morbidity and mortality conferences, core curriculum lectures and specialty conferences (adolescent medicine morbidity review, hematology/oncology, neonatology, infectious diseases, critical care and pediatric cardiology).

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