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Department of Computer Science

Chairperson:Safa, Haidar H.
Professors:El-Hajj, Wassim; Safa, Haidar H.; Sharafeddine, Sanaa
Associate Professors:Abu Salem, Fatima K.; Elbassuoni, Shady; Khabbaz, Maurice
Assistant Professors:Assaf, Rida; El Hajj, Izzat; Mouawad, Amer
Senior Lecturer:Jureidini, Wadi' N.
Lecturers:Raheel, Saeed
Instructors:Aoude, Loa; Fatairi, Nour ​

The Department of Computer Science offers a program leading to the degree of Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science. For more information about the department, visit

Mission Statement

The department of Computer Science at the American University of Beirut prepares students for advanced studies and professional careers in the dynamically changing world of computing and information technology. Our programs combine the theoretical foundations of computing with the practical knowledge of software development vital to industry, to provide broad and integrated curriculums.

The department offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in computer science, designed to be completed typically in three years. It also offers a Master of Science (MS) program designed to provide advanced and specialized education in computing, offered in formats that meet the needs of both working professionals and full-time students.

The department has vigorous research programs in theoretical computer science networking and security, machine learning and data science, high-performance computing, data mining and information retrieval, and software engineering. Our faculty members are committed to contributing to the advancement of the field of computing through scholarly activities, in which our students play a vital role.

MS in Computer Science

In addition to the university requirements for graduate study in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, students must complete: (1) 21 credits and a thesis (thesis option), (2) 27 credits and a project (project option), or (3) 30 credits of course work (course-based option). For all options, the student must take 3 credits from each of the following 3 categories (9 credits in total): theory, systems, and applications. The remaining credits (12 for the thesis option, 18 for the project option, and 21 for the course-based option) are normally ​CMPS courses numbered 300 and above to be taken in coordination with the student’s advisor. For more information about the program, visit​/fas/cs/Pages/index.aspx.

Course Descriptions

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