American University of Beirut

Program of Medical Imaging Sciences

Coordinator and Assistant Professor: Hannoun, Salem
Clinical Educators:Abbas, Saly; Merhi, Hanane; Salbashian, Marlene​

This program is run in coordination with the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the Faculty of Medicine.

The mission of the Medical Imaging Sciences (MIS) Program is to provide students excellence in imaging education. MIS aims to produce academically and clinically competent radiographers who will become patient advocates in their field and perform their duties with empathy and respect towards all patients.

Course Description

Modes of Analysis

Understanding Communication - English and Arabic (9)

Cultures and Histories (9), Human Values (3)

Societies and Individuals (9

Understanding the World (7), Quantitative Reasoning (5)

Major courses (26+2+3+18)

Other required courses

Community - Engaged Learning (3)

Lecture Course (9+12+9+ 7+5+26+

Required Arabic Course: (3)

Required English Courses: ENGL 203(3), 204(3)

Cultures and Histories (9)

Phil 205 (3)

PSYC 201(3)

HPCH 203(3)



PHYL 246(4)

PHYS 205(3)

EPHD 203(3)

EPHD 213(2)

MIMG 201(2), 202(3), 203(3), 204(3),

206(3), 207(3), 208(3), 209(3)

HUMR 246 (3)

NURS 201 (2)

Free Elective (3)​

HMPD 204 (3)


Lab (1+2)    
EPHD 203(3)​
MIMG 206L(2)​

Research Project (1+3)    
EPHD 213(2)​

MIMG 210A (0),

MIMG 210 B (3)

Practical Training (18)      DGRG 220(2), 230(4), 240(2), 250(2), 260(4), 270(4)


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