About Us

BA in Arabic Mission Statement ​

The Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages has always possessed a leading role in its own field of learning in the Arab World, while being the only one maintaining a liberal tradition of education and research. The impressive number of diverse prominent scholars, writers and intellectuals who were associated with the Department testifies to this remarkable historical achievement. The Department has always sought to train students in the basic tools of the discipline, namely language and research skills, while exposing them to the essentials of the field, and subjecting everything to the curiosity of​ ​the inquiring mind.​

Program(s) learning outcomes

  • Identify the different eras, genres, and themes of Arabic literature and language.
  • Explain the historical, social, and intellectual contexts that shaped the Arabic literary and linguistic traditions.
  • Analyze the aesthetic and formal properties and currents of Arabic literary texts.
  • Employ theoretical tools for critical and comparative thinking.
  • Communicate orally and in writing in an accurate, grammatically correct, and analytical manner.
  • Execute different components of a research project.​