Master's in Finance Leading the future of finance
​​​​The MFIN program is aimed at developing highly qualified individuals wishing to become technical experts in the finance profession. Our program provides the region with professionals who are well equipped with knowledge of relevant, cutting-edge financial theories and tools.​


  • Tailored to appeal to students who have a passion for finance and would like to become experts in the finance profession.  
  • Meet the needs of professionals who are seeking to advance their careers in the finance field (financial markets and corporate sector).
  • Equip students with the appropriate range of analytical and research proficiencies.
  • Acquire specialized (hard and soft) skills needed to excel as finance professionals.
  • Develop a knowledge base of all areas of finance, including financial industry, private equity, risk management, and real estate in Lebanon and the MENA region. ​​

Students can complete the MFIN program in 12 months starting the Fall semester provided they pass all core and elective courses, and maintain a cumulative average of at least 80 in all courses taken for graduate credit. Students coming from non-business backgrounds must also complete all their remedial courses. Failing to maintain a cumulative GPA of 80 upon completion of the courses for the program academic year or obtaining a grade less than 70 in any course will cause a delay in graduation until the program requirements are met. Students can also satisfy all the above requirements if registered part time over two calendar years.