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The Masters in Finance program (MFIN) is specifically tailored to meet the needs of young professionals who have a passion for finance and would like to enhance their knowledge base in the field, and master the innovations that are rapidly transforming the finance industry.

The program boasts very high standards in terms of the course work and the rigorous training provided. The aim is to equip students with the appropriate range of analytical and research capabilities plus relevant skill set needed to excel as finance professionals working in the real world of business.

We commit to excellence in delivering courses, competing with the best business schools around the world. Our faculty members constitute a team of dedicated professionals that eagerly provides personal guidance and mentoring for our students. They are trained at renowned universities in Europe and North America with a proven record of innovative research. There are as well those with a life long practical experience as CEOs, CFOs and consultants  for leading banks and institutions in the region. 

These thought leaders, comprising both academicians and practitioners, bring top-notch knowledge and experience to the class room, with a genuine understanding of regional and international financial markets. 

The MFIN curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the dynamics of the global finance profession and to meet the needs of the local and regional job market requirements. For example, Fintech, data analytics, digital transformation and decentralized finance (DeFi) are now being covered in various MFIN courses. 

The project and case study approach followed by the MFIN program allows our students to hit the ground running after graduation. They will have the skill tools needed to succeed as finance professionals working in banks, consulting firms or other corporations. They learn how to interact with real-world financial markets and how to manage diversified portfolios by using financial software, databases and simulations. Decision making by investors, financial institutions and corporations is analyzed in various parts of the program. 

We have established recruiting ties with leading financial and non-financial institutions in Lebanon and the region. More than 70% of MFIN graduates end up working for commercial or investment banking institutions in the region. The remaining 30% are recruited by the major consulting firms (E&Y, Deloitte, KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Mckinsey, Bain, Strategy&, the Boston Consulting Group, etc.) 

Increasingly more of our graduates are opting to be part of the growing entrepreneurial environment in the region working for venture capital and private equity firms. Opportunities for MFIN graduates also exist with Family Offices, Central Banks/Ministries of Finance, Capital Market Authorities, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Real Estate Developers, regional and multinational institutions (ESCWA, Union of Arab Banks), among others.

This MFIN program emphasizes the following learning outcomes (PLOs):​

  • OSB graduates will evaluate the challenges that a financial manager faces when assessing the different modes of raising capital, determining the fair value when acquiring another company, estimating an accurate cost of capital of the different divisions of the company.

  • OSB graduates will evaluate the financial statements reported by a firm, assess the interrelationships among the financial statements and validate the underlying economic events that the financial statements represent. Graduates will also verify the financial health of the firm using ratio analysis.

  • OSB graduates will estimate the advantages and disadvantages of the various models or approaches used to value the equity of a firm.​

  • OSB graduates are able to evaluate the mechanics of derivatives (contingent claims) markets and how derivative products are used and priced. Students will also be introduced to continuous-time financial models and their uses in modeling and valuing contingent claims

  • OSB graduates will use general market, industry, and sector information to make informed investment choices in accordance with risk-return objective. Graduates will think critically about investment problems and independently evaluate difference investment approaches and portfolio strategies.

  • OSB graduates will appraise the statistical evidence to propose financial and business decisions. They will be able to select and employ techniques that are suitable for modeling financial returns, assess the suitability of econometric techniques for different asset classes, and appraise the implications of their results for market efficiency, return predictability and asset allocation.

  • OSB graduates will have a good knowledge base of the working of financial markets in the region and abroad. Have the skill set needed to design commercial bank strategies and understand the complexities of real estate and private equity financing

OSB graduates will have a good knowledge base of the working of financial markets in the region and abroad. They will also have the skill set required to design commercial bank strategies and understand the complexities of real estate and private equity financing.

  • Targeted
Tailored to appeal to students who have a passion for finance and would like to become experts in the finance profession.

  • ​Meet the needs of professionals
Meet the needs of professionals who are seeking to advance their careers in the finance field (financial markets and corporate sector).​​

  • ​Proficiencies
​Equip students with the appropriate range of analytical and research proficiencies.

  • ​S​kills
​Acquire specialized (hard and soft) skills needed to excel as finance professionals.

  • ​Knowledge
Develop a knowledge base of all areas of finance, including financial industry, private equity, risk management, and real estate in Lebanon and the MENA region. ​​​

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