Undergraduate Program Empowering business learning, thinking, and knowledge transfer

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is for students who aspire to build a career path in the business world. This vast environment satisfies the likes and interests of many which is why our program offers diversification in the field: Accounting, Business Information and Decision Systems, Entrepreneurship & Family Business​​, Finance, General Management, Human Resources Management, and Marketing .

Along with building the business mind of our students, we aim to provide them with a holistic understanding of the economic, social, cultural, and global environments by combining business learning with that of humanities, arts and sciences. The program aims to focus not only on analytical skills, practical techniques and theories to be implemented by students later on, but also emphasizes the importance of acquiring soft skills such as leadership, decision making and ethical reasoning in order to achieve greater goals. This program emphasizes the following learning outcomes (PLOs):

  • OSB graduates will acquire the core of essential business professional knowledge and competence and apply it to a familiar situation.
  • OSB graduates will recognize, describe and apply the appropriate analytical-quantitative and organizational-behavioral approaches to managerial decision making situations.
  • OSB graduates will understand, explain and apply principles of ethical behavior in managerial decision-making situations.
  • OSB graduates are able to identify and define organizational leadership approaches and apply a leadership approach to an organizational situation; and OSB graduates are able to identify and define attributes of effective and efficient teams and apply teamwork principles in a team exercise situation.
  • OSB graduates will understand, explain and apply the principles of effective and efficient business communication.
  • OSB graduates will identify and define key globalization factors and show their impact on business competitiveness.

Students can choose one of the following seven concentration areas: