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Summer Research Camp

The Department of Mathematics and The Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences are organizing the Summer Research Camp in Mathematics. The program offers an exciting research experience to our undergraduate community and help them exploring Mathematics. Students engage in research work with their peers under the guidance of a professor over 6-8 weeks. They are invited to work on problems that do not require substantial background but are nevertheless of interest to the community, with results worth being published. By participating in the camp, students learn to collaborate as a team, extend classroom knowledge to the realm of research, and naturally improve their chances of pursuing successful graduate studies.

The application call for the 2023 edition is now open. Eager to participate or to know more about this unique opportunity? please send an email to with:
1. Brief motivation statement.
2. Your Summer plans.
3. Most recent transcript. Please indicate the courses you are following right now. Having taken some proof based courses is relevant. 
4. Please indicate your Math. interests: Algebra (Abstract Algebra, Number Theory), Analysis (Harmonic Analysis, Complex Analysis, Partial Differential Equations), Numerical Analysis, Statistics, Probability.
All majors can apply! Graduate students are welcome to apply. 

2023 Edition:
  • Invariant curves on CR manifolds (Giuseppe Della Sala) Nisrine Bakaev, Seok Ban, Hassan El Bouz, Ahmad Hussein, Jean Moussa

  • Inverse problems involving metamaterials (Ahmad Sabra): Issar Zeynab Amro, Fatima Fneish, Rawad Kansoh, Ali Sareb, Walid Tabbara.

  • Information-theoretic proofs of zero-one laws (Siamak Taati): Yahya Ayach, Anthony Khairallah, Tia Manoukian, Jad Mchaimech, Adam Salha.

2022 Edition:
In 2022, 10 students participated and worked on three different projects:

  • Direct and Inverse Problems in the Study of Pandemics (Sophie Moufawad and Nabil Nassif): Nadine Charaf, Rawan Madi, Hussein Moussa and Lara Tarakh.

  • Invariant Jacobi-Like Function Under Transformation (Wissam Raji): Maher Me'meh and Ali Saraeb.

  • Higher Order Poincaré Metrics (Florian Bertrand): Seok Ban, Amir Jaber Chehayeb, Adam Salha and Walid Tabbara.

Some outcomes of Summer 2022 camp:

1. Generalization of Siegel’s Method to θ1 and θ3 (Maher Me'meh and Ali Saraeb), submitted for publication.

2. A New Proof for The Transformation Laws Of Jacobi Theta Functions (Maher Me'meh and Ali Saraeb), submitted for publication.

3. A generalization of Iseki Formula and the transformation of θ1(ω, τ )  (Maher Me'meh and Ali Saraeb), submitted for publication.

4. On the higher order Kobayashi pseudometric (Seok Ban, Florian Bertrand, Amir Jaber Chehayeb, Adam Salha and Walid Tabbara), submitted for publication.

5. Time-Dependent SIR Model for Interpreting the Dynamics of Covid-19 Data (Nadine Charaf, Rawan Madi, Hussein Mousa and Lara Tarakh) in preparation.

6. On the Generalization of Radamacher’s Proof to ϑ1(z, τ ) (Maher Me'meh and Ali Saraeb), submitted for publication.

The Workshop "SRC Meet the Teams - Summer 2022" took place on Saturday Oct. 22, 2022.


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