Undergraduate Mathematics


BA or BS in Mathematics:

    In addition to the general requirements of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the department requires nine credits in courses numbered 200 or above from the natural sciences for the BS degree, and at least nine credits in courses numbered 200 or above in the arts (humanities or social sciences) for the BA degree. In both cases, it is recommended that at least six of these nine credits be in disciplines which use quantitative methods, and be chosen in conjunction with the student's faculty adviser. In addition, the departmental requirements are as follows:

    MATH 201, MATH 210, MATH 214, MATH 219, MATH 223, MATH 227, MATH 233, MATH 241, and at least one of MATH 220 or MATH 242 and 12 more credits chosen from MATH 202 and mathematics courses numbered 213 or above. In addition, students must take CMPS 200, which is a first course in programming.

    A transfer student who has done well in MATH 218 can count it towards the mathematics major instead of MATH 219, subject to departmental approval. In such a case, the department will usually require the student to take MATH 220.

    Students wishing to pursue graduate study in mathematics are strongly urged to take MATH 214, MATH 220, MATH 223, MATH 242, and MATH 213 or MATH 216. They may also want to consider taking one or more graduate courses in their senior year. Students with an interest in applied mathematics are urged to take MATH 202, MATH 220, MATH 224, MATH 251, and MATH 234, and to choose their additional courses to include a significant use of mathematical techniques. Students interested in high school teaching are encouraged to include MATH 202, MATH 213, MATH 251, and MATH 261 among their courses.

    A minor in mathematics requires 18 credits: MATH 201, MATH 210, either MATH 218 or MATH 219, and nine more credits in mathematics courses numbered MATH 202, MATH 211 or above and statistics courses numbered 230 or above.

BA or BS in Applied Mathematics:

    A student opting for the program in Applied Mathematics can earn either a BA or a BS degree. The science requirements for the BS are fulfilled by at least 2 science courses (or 6 science credits) chosen in departments in the FAS; the arts requirements for the BA are fulfilled by 2 courses (6 arts credits) chosen in departments in the FAS. The Mathematics requirement is the same for both degrees and consists of 39 credits in Mathematics courses as follows:

    MATH 201, MATH 202, Math 210, Math 218, Math 223, Math 224, Math 227, Math 233, Math 251, Math 281, and 9 more credits chosen from Mathematics courses numbered 211 and above.

     In addition, the student will choose 9 credits in one applied discipline or track from the following list:

  • Computer Science

  • Economics/Econometrics

  • Natural Sciences

  • Engineering and Health Sciences

University Requirements:

  • University language requirements: nine credits of English and Arabic.

  • University General Education requirements: 12 credits In Humanities; six credits in Social Sciences (covered by the departmental requirements for BA); six credits in natural sciences (covered by the departmental requirements for BS); and three credits in Quantitative Thought (covered as a Math major).


‚ÄčThe following courses are offered: