Master's in Human Resource Management Developing and managing leaders of the future

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Who is the MHRM Pro​gram for?​

The MHRM program is designed for ambitious graduates interested in starting their careers in HRM as well as early career practitioners interested in gaining in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to progress meaningfully in their careers.

We welcome applicants with an undergraduate degree, from AUB or other recognized universities, in business, social science, health/science, or other humanities' subject. We will also consider those with other degrees who are keen to develop their skills in the field of human resource management and organizational behavior.

​Why choose the MHRM program at OSB?

  • ​Blend of practice and theory
The MHRM program at OSB is aligned with SHRM Human Resource curriculum and offers a blend of practice and theory necessary for developing strategic thinking, evidence-based knowledge, and practical expertise in HRM and OB.

  • Experts
​Our courses are taught by professionals and experts in the fields of HRM and OB who bring forth their renowned experiences and backgrounds to provide you with endless opportunities to learn, practice, and lead.​

  • Faculty
Our faculty brings strong research, practical, and consulting experience in the MENA region and the global economy. 

  • Experience
The program also offers extracurricular experiences that provide students with the opportunity to interact with key players in HRM and OB in the region.

  • Professional designation in HRM 
In addition to a masters' degree in HRM, students will also obtain professional designation in HRM (based on individual performance) as well as an emphasis on personal leadership development. 

  • ​​Curriculum
​The curriculum is currently being revamped to make sure that we continue to offer relevant, contemporary, and critical HR skills to our students.​