Federal Loans - Useful Links
Federal Student Loans Basics

Most of the information provided in the Federal Loans Section comes from The Student Guide booklet distributed by the U.S. Department of Education. You can access The Student Guide online. Har​d copies are available as well at AUB's Financial Aid Office.​


In addition the FAFSA web site provides considerable information and online help www.fafsa.ed.gov where you can:

  • View your Student Aid Report (SAR) after your FAFSA has been processed
  • Make corrections to your FAFSA
  • Print a copy of your SAR
  • Reapply for financial aid in the future.


Complete Entrance and Exit Counseling under www.studentloans.gov​

Master Promisory Note (MPN)

Sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN) under www.studentloans.gov​​
Federal Student Aid

You can always refer to your source of in-depth information on preparing for and funding your college education http://studentaid.ed.gov/​​

National Student Loan Data System

You can refer to the NSLDS Student website to access your federal student loan records​

Manage your Money

www.mymoney.gov​ offers advice on how to manage your money​

Federal Student Loan Social Media