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Federal Loan: Receiving the Loan
​What to Do After Completing the FAFSA?

After processing your application, the U.S. Department of Education will send you a Student Aid Report (SAR) which lists all the information you reported on your FAFSA. If you provide an e-mail address, you will receive your SAR in few days, otherwise it will be sent to the address that you indicate. Also the Department will send your data electronically to the schools you include in your FAFSA.

Steps Required Before Receiving the Student Loan

Once your application is processed, you should follow-up with the Office of Financial Aid – International Student Aid Unit at AUB about your application status to check what corrections to be made (if any), and what required documents (if any) to be submitted.​

​If you have entered an email address in your FAFSA application, make sure you use a unique email address to which you only have access to, in order to protect your financial information AUB’s Office of Financial Aid – International Student Aid Unit (FAO-ISA Unit) uses this address to contact you and inform you about further steps. If, however, you did not enter an email address, or if your email cannot be reached or becomes inactive then you should check with FAO-ISA Unit for further steps listed below.

The following are necessary steps to follow before you can receive the loan:

  • You should notify the FAO-ISA Unit if you are expecting any other form of financial aid such as scholarships, grants (need or non-need based), loans other than Direct Loan, or graduate assistantships at the beginning of the process and at any time this occurs during the acad​emic year.

  • Complete the AUB Federal Direct Loan Application​. Please note that if any changes occur in the information you provide in this form then you should immediately notify the FAO-ISA Unit of such changes as this may affect the loan amount you are eligible for. It is your responsibility to provide accurate information. If changes occur after the funds are received such that you become eligible for lesser or more funds then refunds or disbursements must be adjusted accordingly.

  • The FAO-ISA Unit will determine your eligibility for the subsidized and unsubsidized parts of the Direct Loan based on your cost of AUB attendance, your EFC, other financial aid you are receiving, and any relevant information you provided in the AUB Direct Loan Application.

  • You should inform the FAO-ISA Unit whether you want part of or the entire loan amount that you are eligible for. You do not have to accept the loan nor the full amount that is offered. Borrow only what you need. In fact, we strongly recommend that you research other financial aid options before deciding to take a loan.

  • You must fill and sign a Loan Agreement (MPN) in order to assign the loan proceeds to AUB. (Please note that a student is required to sign a new MPN each academic year upon renewal of the FAFSA)

  • The FAO-ISA will then certify your loan.

Receiving the Loan

Funds that are approved for the academic year are disbursed in two equal payments, one for each semester. AUB receives your funds less an origination fee deducted by the US Department of Education. Once the funds are received, the FAO-ISA notifies you on your AUB email address​.

Any overpayment (​amou​nt that exceeds the tuition fees and other fees charged on the student) will be refunded to you through the Comptroller's Office - Student Account Section following your request. No disbursement will be made before 10 days after the Change in Schedule period (drop and add) ends. Any refund of an overpayment may take up to two weeks after the funds are received.

If your loan is certified and you have not received the funds at time of payment, the Comptroller's Office-Student Account Section should be notified that you are expecting Direct Loan funds and the Comptroller will therefore defer payment of a portion of your tuition fees equivalent to the loan amount expected until loan funds are received.

If for some reason, your loan has been cancelled while you are still registered at AUB, then you must settle any deferred or outstanding balance of your semester fees.​

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