Student Resources

​​​​Digital versions of MSFEA Petitions & Forms

Equipment and Room Request Form for ECE students

Kindly fill the online request form and mention: 

  • Reason for request: 
  1. FYP - include group number and Topic
  2. Course project - include course number (i.e. EECE123)​
  3. Graduate research - in the latter case mention research name/topic

  •  Advisors name - for approval
  • Item requested:​
  1. Room - mention room number and bldg. If in RGB, mention ID Barcode. Also, mention if you previously had a (white) RFID card
  2. PC access: Mention room where PC is located - if applicable
  3. Equipment: Include a link (spec sheet, online purchase link, etc.) of the item for accuracy
  • Duration of request​