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Steps for waiving EM course requirement

  1. ​​​​​​Agree with your Advisor on the course from the university where you obtained your undergraduate degree that you want to use to waive credit requirements in Engineering Management.  The course should have a grade of B+ or more and should be a graduate or advanced undergraduate course.

  2. Get the syllabus for the course in (1)

  3. ​Identify the course in AUB which is equivalent to the course in (1)

  4. Fill the following equivalency form  Course Equivalence/ Credit Transfer Form​​

  5. Identify the instructor of the equivalent course in AUB (by contacting the appropriate department)

  6. Share the form and the syllabus with the instructor that teaches the course at AUB.  Ask them to approve the equivalency by signing the form.

  7. Get the signature of IEM Department Chair on the same form.

  8. Fill ​an online petition and attach to it (i) the signed form, (ii) the syllabus, and (iii) your undergraduate transcripts.

  9. Your online petition goes to the Graduate Studies Committee (contact person, Ms. Kazma), and if approved, gets communicated to the office of the registrar to include in your transcript as a transfer course. The grade will show that you have passed them but will not count in your average at AUB.​​​​​​

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