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Pipeline and Mentorship Initiative

​​​The Pipeline and Mentorship Initiative at MSFEA aims at supporting women in STEM and offering mentorship to MSFEA students from high school until after they graduate.

They offer full scholarships to female st​udents in engineering majors through the Maroun Semaan Women Leaders in Engineering program that aims to foster female leaders and agents of change at MSFEA.​​​​

 Meet the team

Dr. Elsa Maalouf | Program Director |

Dr. Elsa Maalouf is leading the pipeline and mentorship initiative launched at MSFEA in 2019.
She is an assistant professor in the department of chemical engineering and advanced energy.
Her plan for the pipeline and mentorship initiative is to provide mentorship for high school and university students and to provide a platform for students to learn about the different engineering fields through events and workshops.
Rasha Malaeb | Events Coordinator |

Rasha Malaeb is a computer and communication engineer at AUB. She is one of the awardees of Women Leaders in Engineering Full Scholarship awarded by MSFEA. She has been working as an event coordinator under the Pipeline and Mentorship Initiative since Fall 2022. She built the Mentorship Platform for the “Peer2Peer Mentorship” and planned the “Engineering Summer Camp for High School Girls” in 2023. She is involved in brainstorming, poster/content creation, scheduling and executing the programs successfully. She aims at making the utmost from her academic journey at AUB, learning material from her courses and implementing them on the ground through the events she is leading. She aims at empowering other females to continue their education and pursue their dream careers without bounds.

​Maghi Haidar | Website Content Editor | mah1​

Maghi Haidar is a Computer and Communications Engineering student with a great interest in the fields of software, machine learning and AI. She is a recipient of the Women Leaders in Engineering Scholarship awarded by MSFEA and aims at supporting and empowering women in STEM. Taking part in the pipeline initiative has been instrumental in shaping her personal and professional growth providing her with invaluable skills and experience. Driven by her deep passion for sustainability and women empowerment, Maghi is an ambitious, passionate and self-motivated learner who consistently seeks opportunities to make a difference in her community and field of study.

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