Process Intensification Group

Process intensification (PI) is one of the most effective approaches to improving sustainability. PI allows for cleaner synthesis, reduced environmental impact, improved energy efficiency, enhanced process performance, and the use of smaller and safer multifunctional process plants. A major application of PI is in multiphase systems where the need to transfer material and/or energy across the interface between phases can often be the main factor affecting the overall performance of many industrial operations.

Our research includes experimental testing and computational modeling of single and multiphase flow operations with the ultimate objective of characterizing, enhancing, and/or intensifying them.

Current/ongoing projects in the research group are related to,

  • Characterization and enhancement of mixing, heat and/or mass transfer, in various reactor/contactor types:
    • Intensified in-line reactors,
    • Compact heat exchangers,
    • Nano-particle production cells,
  • Application of in-line processing to intensify multiphase operations (with or without chemical reactions), namely:
    • Gas-Liquid systems (aeration, ozonation, carbon capture and sequestration…),
    • Liquid-Liquid systems (reactive extraction…),
    • Solid-Liquid systems (flocculation…),
  • Modeling of multiphase flows using:
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD),
    • Population Balance Modeling.

Fouad Azizi​​​