Graduate Mathematics


​MA or MS in Mathematics

Students must complete the university requirements for graduate study in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and at least 24 credits at the graduate level and a thesis. These 24 credits must include MATH 303, MATH 314, MATH 341 and MATH 309.

Students in the Pure Mathematics track must, in addition, pass MATH 306 or MATH 314.

Students in the Applied Mathematics track must, in addition, pass MATH 338 or MATH 350.

Comprehensive Exam

Next session: Thursday April 25, 2019.
List of topics: Available here

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List of graduate students

Here is the current list of graduate students in the Department of Mathematics. Undergraduate students looking for a math tutor should contact graduate students directly.

Last Name, First NameEmail AddressAdvisor
​Abd El Naim, Tatianataa47@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand
​Abi Khalil, Charbellacja18@mail.aub.eduKamal Khuri-Makdisi
​Al Hajj, Youmnayaa36@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand
​Allouch, Fatimafma78@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand
Andraos, Jamiljna14@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand
​Assidi, Mayamaa334@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand
​Bou Ezz, Nizarnmb33@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand
Chaaya, Marie-Josemfc14@mail.aub.eduFaruk Abi-Khuzam
​Farhat, Fatimafff08@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand
​Hamdar, Mohammadmbh22@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand
​Hussein, Ahmadahh75@mail.aub.eduKamal Khuri-Makdisi
​Saleh, Adelams78@mail.aub.eduNabil Nassif
​Saad, Hasanhhs24@mail.aub.eduWissam Raji
​Yatim, Abdullahaiy01@mail.aub.eduGiuseppe Della Sala
​Zebiane, Laralbz02@mail.aub.eduWissam Raji


​The following courses are offered: