Graduate Mathematics


​MA or MS in Mathematics

    Students must complete the university requirements for graduate study in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and at least 24 credits at the graduate level and a thesis. These 24 credits must include MATH 303, MATH 314, and MATH 341.

Comprehensive Exam

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List of graduate students

     Here is the current list of graduate students in the Department of Mathematics. Undergraduate students looking for a math tutor should contact graduate students directly.

Last Name, First Name            
Email AddressAdvisor
​Abi Khalil, Charbella   
Nicolas Mascot
Al Baini, Alina    ​    ​​Richard Aoun
Almadhoun, ​Amani     ​​ 
Wissam Raji
​Chaaya, Marie-Jose     ​   
Wissam Raji
Chalhoub, Nour   Wissam Raji
​El Zini, Najwa 
​Florian Bertrand
​Hussein, Ahmad    ​Kamal Khuri-Makdisi
​Krayem, Jinan
 ​​   Kamal Khuri-Makdisi
​Saad, Hasan Wissam Raji
​Saleh, Adel
Wissam Raji
​Yatim, Abdullah ​​​​ ​​​   Wissam Raji
​Youssef, Amar   Wissam Raji
​Zebiane, Lara     ​​​​​   Wissam Raji


​The following courses are offered: