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Graduate Mathematics


    MS in Mathematics

    Students may choose between two tracks: a track in Pure Mathematics and a track in Applied Mathematics.
    Students must complete the university requirements for graduate study in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and at least 24 credits at the graduate level and a thesis. These 24 credits must include:

    • MATH 303
    • MATH 304
    • MATH 309
    • MATH 341
    Students in the Pure Mathematics track must, in addition, pass MATH 306 or MATH 314.

    Students in the Applied Mathematics track must, in addition, pass MATH 338 or MATH 350.

    Comprehensive Exam

    Next session: April 2024.
    List of topics: Available here (Essentially: MATH 210, 219 227 and 241)

    Some previous comprehensive exams:



    List of graduate students

    Here is the current list of graduate students in the Department of Mathematics. Undergraduate students looking for a math tutor should contact graduate students directly.

    Last Name, First NameEmail AddressAdvisor
    Leen Al Sheikh
    lia26@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand
    RaydanAridi rra64@mail.aub.eduTamer Tlas
    Yahya Ayach Taati
    Mona Batrouni
    Florian Bertrand
    Fatima Berjawi
    ​Ahmad Sabra
    Elena Bou Aoun
    Wissam Raji
    Mostapha El Hajjar Florian Bertrand
    Abdullah ​El Hariri
    aae119@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand
    Fatima Fneish​ Florian Bertrand
    Wissam Hakawati
    wah18@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand
    Ahmad Hussein​Giuseppe Della Sala
    Dima Ismail
    ​​Florian Bertrand
    Amir Jaber Chehayeb ​​Kamal Khuri-Makdisi
    ​Hassan Kanj
    Florian Bertrand
    Jolie Lahoud
    Ahmad Sabra​
    Zainab Zogheib zhz10@mail.aub.eduFlorian Bertrand

    About the thesis

    Check all thesis related deadlines here

    1. Before the defense. 
    a. Consult the Thesis Manual to make sure the format fits the standards.
    b. Coordinate with the thesis committee to find a day/time for the defense. 
    c. Inform Lina Akl about the thesis defense day/time + title + abstract + thesis committee. We will advertise it in he department woth a poster.
    d. Make sure to ask Lina Akl to secure a room for you.
    e. Send the thesis at least two weeks before the defense to the thesis committee.

    2. During the defense.
    a. The typical defense length is 30-40 minutes.
    b. After your presentation, the thesis committee members will ask you some questions.
    c. The committee will then deliberate for a few minutes and let you know whether you PASS or FAIL. 

    3. After the defense: for the Registrar
    a. Your advisor must fill the Registrar Report Form and to send it to the chairperson.
    b. The thesis committee members (including the advisor) must email the chairperson to confirm that you have passed your thesis defense.
    4. After the defense: For the Library
    a. Email your thesis as PDF to the library. Once the library approves then:
    b. Fill and sign the Release Form
    c. Fill the Approval Form send it to your advisor. The committee members must sign this form.
    e. Give the signed form to the library.
    f. Last step: "Deposit the thesis in AUB ScholarWorks as a complete PDF file, which will include signed copies of the Thesis Release Form and the Thesis Approval Page. Upon deposit of the digital copy of the Thesis in AUB ScholarWorks, an online receipt will be submitted by the Library to the Office of the Registrar.” 


    ​The following courses are offered:

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